Shrink Discs FAQ

What is the max. rpm for 2-part RLK 608 shrink discs?

For RLK 608 series shrink discs the following limit speeds can be realized (assumption: approx. 90% of the transmissible torque from the catalogue can still be transmitted):

- RLK 608 – 30: 29.000 rpm
- RLK 608 – 55: 20.000 rpm
- RLK 608 – 100: 12.000 rpm
- RLK 608 – 150: 8.000 rpm
- RLK 608 – 200: 6.000 rpm

What clearances need to be considered for hollow shaft and solid shaft?

The standard tolerances as well as minimum joint clearances are size dependent, and these values are stated in the catalogue. The calculation of the resulting transmissible torque for deviations in tolerance pairings, for 2-part shrink discs, can be done with our online calculation tool.


What are the advantages of a distance controlled assembly of 2-part shrink discs?

For distance controlled assembly, no torque wrench will be needed. The clamping screws are tightened uniformly until the front face of the stepped conical ring is flush with the front face of the stepped conical bushing. Once this assembly state is reached, the torque or axial force values shown in the tables can be reliably transmitted.

Insufficient or missing lubrication of the conical surfaces that might happen during servicing will make the assembly procedure impossible to complete.


Can RINGSPANN shrink discs be re-used?

Yes. Since it is important to assure proper lubrication, grease may need to be replaced before re-assembly. Screws must also be checked and changed if needed. A visual inspection of the conical ring and bushing also needs to be completed.



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