Internal Freewheels FXN

  • Internal Freewheels FXN FXN Bild
  • for press fit on the outer ring
    with sprag lift-off X

    Application as

    • Backstop
    • Overrunning Clutch

    For application as backstop in installations with high speeds in freewheeling operation.
    For application as overrunning clutch in installations with low speeds in driving operation.

    Internal Freewheels FXN are sprag freewheels without bearing support and with sprag lift-off X.
    The sprag lift-off X ensures a wear-free free­wheeling operation when the inner ring rotates at high speed.
    The outer ring is pressed into the customer ­hous­ing. This makes compact, space-saving fitting solutions possible.
    Nominal torques up to 20 500 Nm. The torque is transmitted on the outer ring by press fit.
    Bores up to 130 mm. A multitude of ­standard­ized bore diameters are available with short delivery times.

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